iControl Universal Remote has 5 Keys these can be configured for Television, these are TV power, TV AV, Vol+, Vol- and Mute.
To Configure this Identify your Television Brand (For eg. Samsung).Look for the code of your brand (Samsung) TV from the attached Code Book.

  1. Press and hold "TV Power" + "Ok" key till the LED blinks 2 times, enter the first code (for eg. 0644).
    The LED will blink 2 times to confirm the code.
  2. Now press "TV Power" and check if TV switches ON. If it does then try to the other keys (AV, Vol and mute). If it does not, try the next code under Samsung TV (Same procedure from point 1).

What iControl Universal Remote can do for you? iControl Universal Remote control can be used not only to operate iControl Set-Top Box but to operate key features of your television set also. With your iControl Universal Remote watching iControl has really became an 1, 2, 3 affair. After powering on your TV and STB just press first three buttons on your remote (1. STB power 2. TV Power 3 AV).

Power ON/OFF your TV Set With your iControl Universal Remote put your TV on standby or come out of it. White power button on the top left of your remote to put your TV set to the standby.

Set your TV to AV mode iControl service runs on your TV in AV mode which is set using your TV sets remote. With your iControl Universal Remote you can easily set your TV on AV mode by pressing the AV button provided at the top of your iControl Universal Remote .

Control the Volume of your TV set You can chose to either control the TV's volume or the STB's volume. As default remote is set to operate the iControl Set-Top Box's volume. To change TV's volume Press "OK" and "Volume UP" and hold until the LED flashes twice. Now you can change the TV's volume. To switch to STB's Volume Press "OK" and "Volume Down" and hold until the LED flashes four times. Now you can Change STB's volume

Get uiversal remote for Rs.150 in exchange your old iControl remote in working condition
Buy new universal remote for Rs.250.

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  1. TV Power on / off
  2. TV / AV
  3. STB Power on / off
  4. Numerical keypad for numerical access to channels and entry of password, when required
  5. TV Volume up/down buttons
  6. Channel up/down buttons
  7. TV Mute on/off
  8. Audio button -toggles between alternative language tracks, if available
  9. UP Navigation buttons
  10. Right Navigation buttons
  11. Left Navigation buttons
  12. Down Navigation buttons
  13. Selects choice
  14. Menu button: Opens up menu screen/bar
  15. Back button: Goes back to last viewed graphic page
  16. Page up/down buttons
  17. Brings up Information bar on program / video / music track being currently viewed / heard
  18. Brings up TV guide
  19. Rewind
  20. Fast forward
  21. Play / Pause
  22. Stop
  23. Go to end/Line Program
  24. Hot button to TV Favourites. Cycles through favouritechannels
  25. Hot button to TV main screen: while watching TV, also allows you to toggle between any two TV channels
  26. Hot button to VOD main screen
  27. Hot button to Music main screen
  28. Hot button to Atubemain screen

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