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iControl IPTV Features

Features of iControl IPTV

Features of iControl IPTV Chill :

Get all the missed shows, matches, movies of up to last 7days here on chill. Not just one or two show recording, iControl CHILL provides all that you missed on multiple channels up to last 7 days and you don't have to record it manually. Chill is available on various channels under different packages.


Pause-Rewind Live TV and Fast forward the rewind show.Replay and watch the missed serial or the winning catch of match during a Live Telecast. Watch more than two shows at a time, skip the Ads and watch other shows without worring about the first one.

Video on Demand:

More than 400 movies under Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional with Rewind, Fast forward and pause option.You can see a whole range of movies from EROS, SONY, DISNEY. You don't need a DVD Player or DVDs. The Video on Demand is really on demand, just a click away. No need to follow any schedule, watch your favorite movies anytime, bookmark them to continue where you left. Not only movies you even get Music on Demand under the Music application available in main menu. You can even share your personal videos using video sharing service of ours, its totally secure.    [  Movies list ]

Live Channels:

Aksh's iControl IPTV gives subscribers full right to entertainment starting from viewing all premium channels: SONY, STAR, Ten Sports and a host of others.   [  Channel list  ]


Video Classified pages offering you solutions to your day to day requirements from Lifestyle, Travel, Restaurants, Schools, Parlours, to even plumber. A-Tube and A-Shop allows subscribers to watch even video matrimonial, resumes and advertisements. It also allows them to shop from movie tickets to flowers.

Interactive Gaming:

Let your kid learn while playing. Experience the world of interactive gaming. Play a whole lot of educational games like Sudoku, Tic Tac Toe, Recognise Me etc...


iControl Mall is a India's first shopping mall on TV medium which gives you freedom to shop, with a click of the remote from the convenience of your home or office, without sharing your confidential credit card details. You get everything here Electronic gadgets, jwellery, Flowers & Gifts etc.
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