FAQ's on iControl

1.  What's iControl IPTV?

iControl allows you to watch your favorite programs as and when you want. i.e. a subscriber can re-view upto past 7 days telecast program any time of his Convenience.

iControl IPTV is a service that helps you control timing to watch television the way you want. And no, it's not DTH. TV that you know has changed. It no longer decides what you watch or when you watch. It doesn't rule your world anymore. It can't ask you to finish work by 8. It isn't your master. iControl IPTV is future of television.

2.  What does iControl IPTV offer ?

Aksh's iControl gives subscribers full right to entertainment starting from viewing all the premium channels: SONY, STAR, ESPN, Star Sports and a host of others.

Video on demand :More than 600 movies with REWIND, FAST FORWARD and PAUSE option. You don't need a DVD Player or DVDs.

Chill : which allows you to watch your favorite programs as and when you want. i.e. a subscriber can re-view past 7 days telecast program again.

A-Tube : India's first On-Demand Advertisement channel which provide variety of information raging from lifestyle, travel, home entertainment, matrimonial, video resumes and many more.

Cool : Watch cricket again. And again. And again

3.   What all I require to have Aksh iControl connection at my home ?

Only a television. No prerequisite of broadband or Telephone line.

4.   Can I have broadband of different vendor and iControl from Aksh ?

YES, you can enjoy broadband of other vendor. However for iControl, connectivity is mandatory.

5.  Will my Internet / Telephone work while Aksh iControl IPTV is working ?
      What is triple play (Tri Band) ?

In case you opt for Tri Band connection from then on the same line your telephone, internet and iControl IPTV will work simultaneously. In tri Band services, Voice, Data & Video services will be available on a single platform.

6.   Can I have more than one TV connected on one SetTop-Box (STB) ?

NO, only one TV set can be supported through an individual STB.

7.   Can I have more than one SetTop-Box (STB) connected on one broadband line ?

No, two SET TOP BOX can not be supported through a single broadband line.

8.   Would I have to buy new TV for Aksh iControl ?

No, you donot have to buy any new TV. iControl IPTV service can work on you existing TV.

9. How many channels Aksh iControl is providing ?

The Number of channels are dependent on city and package opted for. Please choose your city from the home page to check the package details.

10. Can I browse internet on Aksh iControl IPTV ?


11. What games I can play on Aksh iControl IPTV?

Once the Gaming service is activated then you can play games like Sudoko, Tic Tac Toe etc.

12. What are the different Tariff plans for iControl IPTV?

The tariff is dependent on city and package opted for. Please choose your city from home page to check the tariff details.

13. How much time is required to get the connection after the booking ?

Installation takes minimum 3 days to maximum 1 week from the time of booking. The installation process involves a technical feasibility check up by and then the installation of STB by Aksh.

14. Where one can book service complaint?

Complaints can be logged through SMS <AKSH COM STD CODE TELEPHONE NUMBER > on 54545 or You can contact to Call center or click here

15. Where I can see the demonstration of the service before booking ?

Demo of Icontrol can be seen at Various Customer Service centres/Sanchar Hatts of BSNL & MTNL and our Channel Partners locations.

16. In who's name we have to pay the Refundable security deposit check / why AKSH why not .

Security deposit has to be paid in the name of M/s Aksh Optifibre Limited" as the STB is provided by Aksh and the Security will be refunded by Aksh Optifibre when STB is returned back.

17. Charges incase of damage to CPE such as STB, Remote Control & Adapter etc are as follow:

STB            -   Rs. 3500/-
Remote     -   Rs. 250/-
Adapter      -   Rs. 50/-

18. If I want to book Aksh iControl service what is the procedure ?

Click here to book online

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